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2IPTT   2 Inch Pintuck Tablecloths
PTTR_2   2 Inch Pintuck Taffeta Table Runners
SCFT_1   36 Inch Highboy Cocktail Fitted Tablecloth
3DFM   3D Flower Satin Mesh With Sequins
EFSL_O1   72" x 72" Embroidered Flower Sequin Leaf Overlay
ASC1   Acrylic Spiral Diamond Chandelier
BPPC1   Bandana Print Poly Cotton
BSCS1   Bandanna Satin Chair Sashe
BCC1   Banquet Chair Cover
BSTC-G1   Baroque Gold Throne Chair
BSTC-S1   Baroque Silver Throne Chair
BPSTR_1   Bridal Poly Satin Table Runners 15" x 108"
B40W   Burlap 40 Inches Wide
BCS1   Burlap Chair Sashes
BTOL1   Burlap Table Overlay With Lace Edge
BPLR_1   Burlap With Polyester Lace Table Runner 15" x 108"
CTOE_90IO   Champagne Trellis Organza Embroidered Overlay 90" Round
UCC1   Charmeuse Universal Chair Cover
CPC2   Checkered Poly Cotton
CSO1   Checkered Square Overlays Gingham
CPSTO_1   Cheetah Print Satin Table Overlay
CLO1   Chemical Lace Overlay 72" x 72" Square
CPC1   Chevron Poly Cotton Fabric
CPCTR   Chevron Poly Cotton Table Runners
CSC1   Chevron Satin Charmeuse
CSTR_1   Chevron Satin Table Runners 15" x 108"
CSDTO   Clover Design Sequin Organza Table Overlay
CT1   Creased Taffeta
CTCB1   Creased Taffeta Chair Bandana
CTTC1   Creased Taffeta Tablecloth
CCS1   Crushed Charmeuse
CSCB1   Crushed Satin Chair Bandana
TRCS1   Crushed Shimmer
CRUT1   Crushed Taffeta
COCS_1   Crystal Organza Chair Sashes
CO1   Crystal Organza Fabric
CTL_1   Crystal Tissue Lame 60 Inches Wide
0   Damask Flocking Taffeta Tablecloths
0.00   Damask Flocking Taffeta Tablecloths
DTTO_1   Damask Taffeta Table Overlays
DTTR_1   Damask Taffeta Table Runners 15" x 100"
RST1   Diamond Mesh Wrap Roll Sparkle Rhinestone
HDSCR   Diamond Sequin Cord Lace Table Runner
ELFSL_1   Embroidered Large Flower Sequin Leaves
EMSS_1   Embroidered Mesh Swirl Sequin
EMTO_1   Embroidered Moroccan Trellis Organza 118" Wide
ETSRO_90   Embroidered Tulle Sweet Rosette Overlay 90" Round
FBCC1   Fitted Banquet Chair Cover Pleated
FO1   Flocking Organza
DCS1   Flocking Taffeta Chair Sahes
FESO1   Flower Embroidered With Sequin
FSOO   Flower Sequin Organza Table Overlay
FSO   Flower Sequins Organza
FTMS1   Flower Tulle Mesh Sequins Lace
FCC1   Folding Chair Cover
FLRT_1   Four Layer Ruffle Tablecloth
FSRS1   Four Side Ruched Spandex Banquet Chair Cover
FEBTR1   Fringed Edges Burlap Table Runner
GPC1   Gingham Polyester
GT1   Gingham Tablecloths
GMF_1   Glitter Maze Fabric
GGW_1   Gold Glitter Waves Mesh Fabric
GMSBP_1   Gold Mini Glitz Sequin Backdrop Panel
GTOE_90IO   Gold Trellis Organza Embroidered Overlay 90" Round
GFLO_1   Guipure Fiesta Lace Overlay
HDSCO   Hologram Diamond Sequin Cord Lace Overlay
HGT_1   Hologram Glitter Tulle
ICST_R   Italian Crushed Satin Tablecloth 120" Round
KSF1   Knit Sequin Fabric
LSMS_1   Lasso Spider Mesh Sequin Fabric
LSMO   Lasso Spider Mesh Sequin Overlays
LSMSTR   Lasso Spider Mesh Sequin Table Runners
LOOPRO   Loop Ribbon Organza
LCSR1   Lotus Flower Satin Mesh
MLEL1   Mango Leaf Embroider Lace
GMLO1   Mango Leaf Embroider Overlay
MGS_1   Mini Glitz Sequin Fabirc
MGSTO   Mini Glitz Sequin Square Table Overlays
MGS_TR   Mini Glitz Sequin Table Runners 16" x 108"
MOEO_108   Moroccan Organza Embroidered Overlays 108" Round
NBTR1   Natural Burlap Table Runner 13" x 108"
NBCL1   Natural Burlap With Cotton Lace Table Runner 15" x 108"
OCCO_1   Organza Clover Cording Overlay 72" x 72"
OFEO_90   Organza Flower Embroidered Overlay 90 Inch Round
SGOO_1   Organza Star Glitter Design Table Overlays
PT2I   Pin Tuck 2 Inch Square Taffeta
PCTO   Polka Dot Charmeuse Table Overlays
PDSCTR_1   Polka Dot Satin Charmeuse Table Runners 15" x 108"
PDC   Polka Dots Satin Charmeuse
PCCTO_1   Poly Cotton Checkered Table Overlays
PCCTO   Poly Cotton Chevron Table Overlays
PCPTO_1   Poly Cotton Polka Dot Table Overlays
BWSTR   Poly Cotton Stripe Table Runners
SPP1   Poly Poplin Fabric
PVFP1   Polyester and Voile Fabric Panel
PPO1-0001   Polyester Overlays - Aqua - Square
PPO1-0010   Polyester Overlays - Black - Square
PPO1-0016   Polyester Overlays - Burgundy - Square
PPO1-0022   Polyester Overlays - Coral - Square
PPO1-0034   Polyester Overlays - Dark Fuchsia - Square
PPO1-0037   Polyester Overlays - Dark Gold - Square
PPO1-0046   Polyester Overlays - Dark Lilac - Square
PPO1-0052   Polyester Overlays - Dark Purple - Square
PPO1-0058   Polyester Overlays - Dark Royal
PPO1-0067   Polyester Overlays - Dusty Rose - Square
PPO1-0073   Polyester Overlays - Forest Green - Square
PPO1-0079   Polyester Overlays - Hot Pink - Square
PPO1-0085   Polyester Overlays - Ivory - Square
PPO1-0088   Polyester Overlays - Kelly Green - Square
PPO1-0097   Polyester Overlays - Light Gold - Square
PPO1-0100   Polyester Overlays - Light Ivory - Square
PPO1-0103   Polyester Overlays - Light Lilac - Square
PPO1-0112   Polyester Overlays - Light Turquoise - Square
PPO1-0118   Polyester Overlays - Lilac - Square 58" x 58"
PPO1-0121   Polyester Overlays - Lime - Square
PPO1-0124   Polyester Overlays - Magenta - Square
PPO1-0130   Polyester Overlays - Mint - Square
PPO1-0136   Polyester Overlays - Navy - Square
PPO1-0139   Polyester Overlays - Off White - Square
PPO1-0142   Polyester Overlays - Orange - Square
PPO1-0145   Polyester Overlays - Peach - Square
PPO1-0148   Polyester Overlays - Perry Blue - Square
PPO1-0154   Polyester Overlays - Purple - Square
PPO1-0157   Polyester Overlays - Raisin - Square
PPO1-0160   Polyester Overlays - Red - Square
PPO1-0166   Polyester Overlays - Royal - Square
PPO1-0169   Polyester Overlays - Rust - Square
PPO1-0172   Polyester Overlays - Sage - Square
PPO1-0187   Polyester Overlays - Tiffany - Square
PPO1-0190   Polyester Overlays - Turquoise - Square
PPO1-0193   Polyester Overlays - White - Square
PPO1-0196   Polyester Overlays - Yellow - Square
PTR_1   Polyester Table Runners 15" x 108"
PTS1   Polyester Table Skirt
RLPP   Raschel Lace
RLTO_72   Raschel Lace Table Overlays 72" x 72"
RSFT1   Rectangle Scuba Fitted Tablecloth
PRT1   Rectangle Tablecloths
RS1   Rosette Satin
RCST_1   Round Crush Satin Tablecloths
MGST_1   Round Mini Glitz Sequin Tablecloths
PT1   Round Polyester Tablecloths
RSPST   Round Striped Poly Satin Tablecloths
RSCC1   Ruched Spandex Banquet Chair Cover
RSCCWB   Ruffle Spandex Chair Cover With Band And Buckle
SOO_1   Satin And Swirl Organza Overlays
SCTO_1   Satin Charmeuse Table Overlays
SCTS1   Satin Charmeuse Table Skirt
ST1   Satin Charmeuse Tablecloths
SLFM_TR1   Satin Lotus Flower Mesh Table Runner 15" x 100"
SPDCS   Satin Polka Dot Chair Sashes
SROE   Satin Rosette & Organza Embroidered
SRCR1   Satin Rosette Chair Ring
SRTR1   Satin Rosette Table Runners
SRT1   Satin RosetteTablecloth
SPFCC   Scuba Pleated Folding Chair Covers
CL1   Sequin Lace Chemical Lace Fabric
SVF_001   Sheer Voile Fabric 118" Wide
SSL_SO1   Silver Swirl Sequin Lace 72" x 72" Overlay
STOE_90IO   Silver Trellis Organza Embroidered Overlay 90" Round
SGO1   Snowflake Glitter Organza
SOTS1   Snowflake Organza Table Skirt
SBCC   Spandex Banquet Chair Cover
SOSO1   Spiral Ribbon Organza Overlay
SRO   Spiral Ribbon Ornganza
SGO   Star Glitter Organza Fabric
SO1   Star Print Organza
SPS1   Stripe Poly Satin
SRPCT   Striped Round Poly Cotton Tablecloths
SSTR_1   Striped Satin Charmeuse Table Runners 15" x 100"
FDRNH_1   Sunflower Diamond Rhinestone Napkin Holders
SRET_1   Sweet Rose Embroidered Tulle
SEO1   Swirl Embroidered Organza
SOTO_1   Swirl Organza Table Overlay
SSOTO_1   Swirl Sequin Organza Table Overlay
SSO   Swirl Sequins Organza Fabric
TSC1   Table Skirt Clips
TCS1   Taffeta Chair Sashes
TDS_1   Tear Drop Sequin Fabric
tester   tes
test   test product
TLRT_1   Three Layer Ruffle Tablecloth
TRMLE   Tree Design Mesh Lace Embroider 3D Flower sequins
TDMO_90   Tree Design Mesh Lace Overlay 90 Inch Round
TFM2   Tulle Floral Mesh Fiesta Lace Fabric
FMS1   Tulle Floral Mesh Sequin
TFMS_90R   Tulle Floral Mesh Sequin 90" Round Overlay
TFSM_TR1   Tulle Flower Sequin Mesh Table Runner 15" x 100"
TTGS_1   Two Tone Glitz Sequin
WQBC-1   White Queen Baroque High Back Chair
STR_1   Woven Serape Table Runners 15" x 84"
TZT1   Zebra Taffeta

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